At the University of Konstanz

At the University of Freiburg

  • SS2004 Due to the move of Prof. Leue to the University of Konstanz the courses with his involvement that were announce in the course directory (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) will not be offered. The course "Fortgeschrittene Programmierung" by Dr. Richard Mayr will be offered as announced.
  • WS2003: Wintersemester/Fall Term 2003
  • SS2003: Sommersemester/Spring Term 2003
  • WS2002: Wintersemester/Fall Term 2002
  • SS2002: Sommersemester/Spring Term 2002
  • WS2001: Wintersemester/Fall Term 2001
  • SS2001: Sommersemester/Spring Term 2001
  • WS2000: Wintersemester/Fall Term 2000
  • SS2000: Sommersemester/Spring Term 2000

At the International University in Germany, Bruchsal

  • IT 460: Software Engineering (Spring Term 2002)
    Earlier offerings of this course: Winter 2000 and Winter 2001

At the University of Waterloo