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I am currently holding the Chair for Software Engineering within the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Konstanz. I will not teach courses at Freiburg during the Summer Term 2004 or the Winter Term 2004/5.

We are currently working on a web presence of my new research group at Konstanz, but for the time being this page still offers the best access to resouces regarding my current research interests and to the history of my teaching resources. Information regarding current teaching activities is available through the web site of the Chair for Software Engineering at the University of Konstanz.

I will continue to examine students at Freiburg for courses taken during my tenure at Freiburg. Currently, there are two examination dates scheduled during the Summer Term: Monday, May 26 and Monday, July 5. In case you need to be examined on one of these dates, please contact my secretary at Freiburg, Ms. Kerstin Pfeiffer, pfeiffer at to arrange for an examination date and time.

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