Research Project:

Software Requirements Engineering and Design based on Message Sequence Charts

Research Partners:

  • Stefan Leue (Principal Investigator), Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, <>.
  • Bran Selic, ObjecTime Limited, <>.

  • Research Team at Waterloo:

  • Mohammad Rezai (Post Doc), <>
  • Mohammad Zulkernine
  • Alumni:

  • Dr. Hanêne Ben-Abdallah (Post Doc, 07/96 - 07/97), now with Faculté des Sciences Economiques et Gestion, Université de Sfax, Tunisia
  • Remi Delon
  • Lars Mehrmann
  • Jennifer Hunt
  • Tuan Ngo

  • Funding:

  • Information Technology Reserach Centre (ITRC).
  • ObjecTime Limited.
  • National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Collaborative Research & Development Grant.

  • Duration:

    Jan. 1996 - June 1998

    Research Results

  • Overview (as of July 1997):
  • Reports and Papers (all of these are available as postscript file through our compendium `Research on Message Sequence Charts'):
  • Tools:

  • Research Outline (Taken from original research proposal):

    In this project we address
  • the question of what Message Sequence Charts (MSCs) inherently express, and what users implicitly assume them to express;
  • the syntactic analysis of MSC specifications in order to detect ambiguities and aspects of underspecification;
  • possibilities for extensions to notation to make implicit semantics assumptions explicit;
  • the introduction of composition and refinement/abstraction concepts;
  • the synthesis of executable processes and related validation and verification concepts (e.g., model checking of MSC specifications);
  • the usage of MSCs as `constraints'; and
  • the incorporation of real-time requirements and object-orientation concepts into the language.
  • We aim at providing tool support for some or all of the ideas resulting from the above research. Special attention is paid to the application of the research results to the ObjecTime toolset, based on the ROOM methodology.

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